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FAQ and Facts

FAQ and Facts
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Faqs from you and me!

Last update: September 19,2006
Q:Can I link your site to mine? or Can you please add my site?
A: Gladly! Make sure it is halloween or Goosebumps located and if you have a banner that's even better! E-mail me!!!
Q:What Does R.L. stand for?
A: Robert Lawerence
Q: When will new Goosebumps books come out?
A: R.L.Stine and Tim Jacobus were thinking up a series called Goosebumps Gold which included many sequels, but the project was ditched for now. Stine is still writing books, though, and he was quoted as saying, "I will continue writing Goosebumps books if you keep reading them." Show your support!
Q: Will there be Goosebumps TV episodes on DVD?
A: Yes! They are finally here! But don't expect them to stay in print long!
Q:What's with the new covers?
A: By popular demand Goosebump books are back in print with sleek new desighns and some minor alterations to the pictures. Stay Out of the Basement and Be Careful What You Wish For... have completely new pictures!
Q: Will theGoosebumps toys/games/book series/tv series/etc. come back?
A: So far, only the original book series and TV Series on DVD is back. (But, if enough Goosebumps items sold, they will expand!)
Q: Why do you keep mentioning to buy a lot of Goosebumps items?
A: Because I am majorly obsessesd with Goosebumps and buying the stuff will expand the new items. (I have a huge collection check MY Goosebumps page)
Q: Where are your reviews?
A: I will have some but have to read all the books again (yay!) and write them down. I can't figure a good format but it will come before this Halloween!
Q: How can I ask a question not listed here?
A: E-mail me at 


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