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My Decor

Our house started to decorate more
we decorated alot! Non of my neighbors really decorate so our house has a big effect!
My parents think our house can't be any better than when I directed it last year. Guess again. This year, I will have the same stuff as last year... but so much more! Just wait and see what I can do with my small front yard! (I only have one pic of last year but it is cruddy so I won't include)
I'm a genious in decorating for holidays outside, I know what I want. The various comments about our house pleases me, but I don't hear it because I am out getting candy! Soooo... to make this short... I will provide info and pics of this years scariest house yet! (my house, that is)
*My house isn't that good to be scariest in the world

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