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More Goosebumps!

Fear Street

Mostly Ghostly (New Series!)
  1. Who Let the Ghosts Out?
  2. Have You Met My Goulfriend?
  3. One Night in Doom House
  4. Little Camp of Horrors
  5. Ghouls Gone Wild
  6. Let's Get this Party Haunted!
  7. Freaks and Shrieks

Rotten School (Another New Series!)

1. The Big Blueberry Barf-Off!

2. The Great Smelling Bee

3. The Good, the Bad, and the Very Slimey

4. Lose Team, Lose!

5. Shake, Rattle, and Hurl!

6. The Heinie Prize

7. Dudes, the school is haunted!

Non- Series
The Beast
The Beast 2
Halloween Night
Halloween Night 2
I Saw You That Night!
Beach Party

The Nightmare Room

Don't Forget Me!

Locker 13

My Name is Evil

Liar Liar

Dear Diary, I'm Dead!

They Call Me Creature

The Howler

Shadow Girl

Camp Nowhere

fear Games

What Scare You the Most?

No Survivors

Full Moon Halloween

Scare School

The Visitors


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