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A Goosebumps Halloween

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A Goosebumps Halloween
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Halloween Fun!

A Chilling Marathon!
All day watch your Goosebumps videos and DVDs and/or books, (I suggest Haunted Mask 1 and 2 and Attack of the Jack o' Lanterns) Also any scary movies you own (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street) or family friendly movies. (Casper, Nightmare Before Christmas) Listen to your Spooky Sounds or Halloween fun songs CDs on the go in the car or in a CD player. Make some creepy goosebumps snacks! (click here for Goosebumps recipies) Be sure to visit Goosebumps official webpage for haunting Halloween only specials!


Haunting Decorations!
Easy Tips!
-Get creative!Put fake hanging skeletons in the coat closet or hanging somwhere unexpected but easy to find, put skulls and bones scattered, make dummies of your favorite Goosebumps character to lie around in chairs! (I suggest stuffing them with newspaper!)
-Be Goosebumps themed! All though Goosebumps party supplies are no longer avaliable, you can still make things!
Example: Stay Out of The Basement themed table would have leaves "creeping" around candles! Maybe make construction paper vines to hang from the ceiling and cover the wall with construction paper so you can draw a lab scene! Or, take guests in the basement and set it up like in the book! Be creative! Also, you can theme every room a diffrent book!
-Make creepy snacks and food! (click here for Goosebumps Gruesome Grub!)
-Have your parents dress up in Goosebumps themed clothes or a scientist etc. Make them act creepy!
-Show Goosebumps or Horror movies in the dark then at the right timing have a parent dressed up like a character from the movie come in and scare!
-hanging skeletons are creepy and inexspensive! Plus, you can decorate them with cobwebs, clothes, anything!
-out of wood or cardboard make your fav goosebumps character and prop it up!
-Make a "scarecrow" or "dummy" of your fav goosebumps character! You can stuff the clothes with shopping bags or newspaper and put on a mask or make a head! (look in links for a site with info on creating these and other things)
-Cobwebs rule! Put them everywhere with fake spiders!

Creepy Links
-How to make cool props with pics!
A Creepy Halloween Visual Treat!
Visit the homepage for Halloween fun!
If you are really seripous into Halloween decorating, visit my site
Also visit Halloween-L!!!

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